Multiverse / Unconference @ Droidcon Boston 2019

This year at Droidcon Boston 2019, we’re hosting an unconference-style set of 10min lightning talks based on community input.


Speakers & Topics

Nick Galbraith

You’re Doing RxJava Wrong

RxJava has been a staple in Android apps for years, but most times it’s used just to do asynchronous tasks on a background thread. This talk showcases Kotlin’s Coroutines as an alternative for asynchronous task management, and discusses when RxJava can be used to its full potential.


Tom Wilson

Release the Kraken

One of the challenges of mobile app development is figuring out how often to release your app. Unlike server development, mobile releases can live on forever in the wild. There’s a delicate balance between releasing quickly and ensuring stability for your users. The key to ensuring successful releases is to develop a strong release process – but how do you get there? In this talk, we’ll cover how Blue Apron has increased its release velocity as our processes have evolved. We’ll define the properties of a solid release process, and discuss how to evaluate balancing tradeoffs. We’ll also dive into specifically how we run our release process, and some of the pitfalls we’ve faced along the way so that you can learn from our mistakes. By the end of this talk, we hope that you’ll have some concrete strategies that you can use to deliver more features to your users faster!


Travis Wyatt

Using Kotlin Coroutines to tame Android Bluetooth LE

Talk is targeted towards intermediate to advanced Android developers.

The talk will demonstrate the use of Coroutines to vastly simplify interfacing with the notoriously difficult Android BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) framework, in which developers have to manage events coming in through a callback specified at connection time. They often find themselves with deeply nested callbacks that are invoked on various Binder threads and resort to intermixing complex state machines and command queues.

The A.B.L.E. open source library ( will be showcased to show how Kotlin Coroutines can be used to provide a friendly sequential BLE API.


Mahesh Kellar

My Experiments with writing Custom SDK

A lot has been written on how to take on writing custom SDK (aka libraries), to incorporate your product into other Apps. However, we always run into basic issues, with very limited or outdated or tough to find resources. The purpose of this talk is to discuss all the challenges, I went through, during the process of: – Prepping multiple Modules for SDK – Generating Artifacts – Proguard-ing the Artifacts – Publishing the Artifacts – Incorporating JARs – Managing dependency conflicts – Managing/Incorporating end user requirements


Martin Petrulak

Structured unit testing with Spek

Are you tired of decrypting the JUnit test that you wrote a few weeks back? Do you want to write nice, readable & structured tests that are actually fun to write and joy to read? If you have answered yes to at least one of the questions above, I have a solution for you. Join this talk and fall again in love with unit testing. We will cover: – Describe how Spek works – Comparison with JUnit – Sample tests for a project following a clean architecture pattern (data, domain & view layer)


Nick Rout

Setting up a Material Components for Android theme

Migrating to Material Components for Android from the Design Support Library is a necessary part of the broader move to AndroidX. The core widgets that form part of an Android app now mostly fall under the package and bring with them a variety of new theme/style attributes.

In this presentation, Nick will be covering setting up a Material Components theme for Android with the help of a “playground” visual aid. This will include new global theme attributes to customize the three Material Theming subsystems – color, typography and shape – as well as per-widget styles. He will also demonstrate how you can use Material Design tools – Color, Icons, Gallery and the Theme Editor Sketch Plugin – to choose a Material Theme that will make your new/existing app really stand out.


Paul Bruce

Unconference Organizer

Paul Bruce is a DevOps advisor, helping to transform enterprise software teams and delivery practices. He currently works with the Neotys team as a Sr. Performance Engineer, is a working group member of IEEE 2675 and a Founder at Growgistics. His research wheelhouse includes cloud management, high availability service architecture, API design and experience, continuous testing at scale, and organizational learning frameworks. He writes, listens, and teaches about software delivery patterns in enterprises and key industries around the world. You can learn more at: